ABSAMC Reviews
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ABSAMC Reviews

Please find absamc reviews by our patients below

Review by Ms YA- Dr Maria Lotempio's Patient

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for you. Without your great encouragement, and honesty, I would have never been able to take a step forward and to take a decision. Thank you for the excellent care you provided from the moment we spoke over the phone, when we first met , on the day of the surgery, right after the surgery AND after I left the clinic. You have called me at each step of the process to make sure that I was fine.
I was so afraid to find a skilled surgeon, and your recommendation was great.

Dr Lotempio, who has made a difference in my life , took time to listen to me, her genuine support and great sense of humor are unforgettable :) I am deeply grateful for both, professional skills and caring heart. Dr Lotempio did not stop contacting me from the US , and caring about the details of my health after the surgery. She still contacts me regularly and provided advices, and ensures that everything is fine with me till date.

Thank you both for the miracle you brought to my life.


Review by Mrs L- Dr Griffin's Patient

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience! Who knew that plastic surgery would end in newfound relationships and overwhelming joy.
You told me to trust you and that everything it would be okay. Indeed! I was up the verrrrry next day preparing a cup of coffee, along with eggs and bacon.
Dr. Griffin is a phenomenal doctor. He took such great care of me and made every attempt to make feel comfortable ( chattering teeth and shaking extremities) – greatly appreciated!
Thank you both for making this an amazing experience. Not sure if it is okay to say this, but I’ll be back! :-)
Very Pleased Patient,
~ L

Review by Mrs E- Dr Griffin's Patient

I am so happy to do it here! It was my always dream which comes true here at ABSAMC!! The stuff , the nurses, coordinator…excellent!.and my doctor Dr Anthony Griffin…did a great job…definitely see him for more procedures!
Thank you all.

Review by Mrs AZA- Dr Maria Lotempio Patient

Dr. Maria lotempio was very kind and professional, she know what to do, I like the why she explain for her patient she gave me all the time I need . I am totally satisfied with my Breast augmentation.

Review by Mrs SAR- Dr Maria Lotempio Patient

I am really happy how my breast turned out, Dr Lotempio did a great job, they look perfect for my body type and very symmetrical. My only concern was in the beginning that she is a visiting doctor, but even though she was far, she always stayed in touch through what’s app and she answered all my questions and concerns, and regularly asked me how am doing. The whole experience was amazing because of her..

Review by Mrs WBI- Dr Maria Lotempio Patient

At my last visit to the center Dr.Lotempio asked me to write a review about my experience , i didn’t have time that day so this is my review and i hope you would be able to post it .
“Being a mother of two little kids , a wife and a working women the decision of undergoing plastic surgery wasn’t an easy one for me. After meeting Dr.Lotempio I felt less anxious about the procedure, her relaxed attitude and solid medical experience made me feel I’m in safe hands . She answerde all my questions and concerns and she walked me through the procedure with all related details.
Now after two months of having my tummy tuck I feel better than ever , the way I look at myself and my selfsteem have changed tremendously. I’m very thankful and greatful for the work Dr.Lotempio performed on me and I wish her all the best .”

Review by Mrs M - Dr Neavin Patient

I was very satisfied with all the services given to me during my visit and i wish i had known absamc long ago because uit’s the right place to be and to get what ever one really wants. My visit to the office/clinic was a pleasant experience. PLEASE KEEP UP WITH YOUR PROFESSIONALISM & HOSPITALITY, IT’S VERY PLEASANT.

Review by Mrs NM - Dr Diamond's Patient

I am writing to thank you for all of your help with my surgery in October.
I actually considered traveling to Europe to repair my septum and my nose but by going to ABSAMC I was able to have access to the world’s top doctors while having the convenience of staying close to home. Not only was Dr. Diamond a great guy and very personable but he is a fantastic surgeon. My nose was pretty badly damaged from a previous break as a child and my septum was closed off almost 100%. I could barely breathe out of my left side. I was told by doctors in the States that I needed an ENT and a plastic surgeon to properly fix my nose. But, I stayed here in Dubai and I only needed Dr. Diamond. Immediately after surgery I was able to freely breathe – an experience I haven’t had since I broke my nose at the age of 8. And the results . . . my husband just can’t stop staring at how good my nose looks. I was concerned with looking “too different.” But, Dr. Diamond made subtle refinements that made a huge impact. It’s still me just slightly better. I don’t look like I have had work done even though I did. People comment that I look “different” and “better” but can’t quite pin point what that difference is. I am really happy with the results and can’t help but stop and stare when I pass a mirror.
Thank you a​s well, ABSAMC Team. You helped organize everything efficiently — and always with a big smile on your staff’s face. I feel like we’re practically family now. I feel so comfortable discussing my medical issues with you and I know you will always work hard to help me find the answers that work best for me. I really appreciated you following up with me to make sure that all was well after the surgery as well. It was very thoughtful and kind of you.

Review by Mrs SO - Dr Matlock's Patient

I am truly thankful and can’t say enough about Dr. Matlock and the staff at ABSAMC.
I had Vaser-High Def Liposuction with Dr. Matlock 7 weeks ago and I already see big difference. I can’t wait till I see the final result in 2 months. My cloths fit better and already get compliments on my curves. I feel great and more confident. I can’t think of any better surgeon then Dr. Matlock for this procedure. He is perfectionist and one can see through his work that he truly understands human body. I am so thankful and I wish Dr. Matlock all the best in his career and life.

What Can I say about ABSAMC staff! They are professional, friendly and helpful. They made me feel comfortable from the 1st day I stepped into the clinic till the day after my surgery. I would like to thank Patient Coordinators for all the professional advice and help. THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN :)

Review by Mrs A - Blepahroplasty & Fat Transfer

I was satisfied with the services that I received from ABSAMC last summer. I was particularly impressed by the level of professionalism and highquality post surgery care provided by Dr. Mani. I was also very please by the staff friendliness and eagerness to help

Review by Mrs EA - Dr Matlock's Patient

I am a patient of Dr Matlock because I find him professional , reassuring and he gives details of the progress of the operation. After a few weeks, the result were exactly what I was expecting. The team, at the clinic, take follow-up after the surgery very seriously and are always contacting me. I would like to strongly recommend Dr Matlock, for any kind of intimate surgeries, and his team for its proximity and friendliness with patients.