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Split Muscle Breast Augmentation

Dr Dirk’s signature – ‘the split muscle technique’

Learnt in Los Angeles, Dr Kremer perfected this groundbreaking technique at his clinic in Munich. Traditionally implants are either placed on top of the chest muscle(supra pectoral) or underneath (sub pectoral); this new procedure sees the muscle split just wide enough to cover the top part of the round implant leaving the lower part lying on top of the muscle yet still under the skin and breast tissue. The outline of the implant is hidden under muscle whilst the fullness in the lower part is accentuated. The success of this procedure relies a great deal on the skill of the surgeon as accurate placement of the cut is vital to the overall result, avoiding breasts that are too close together or too wide apart. The benefits of the split pectoral muscle technique: Skinny women – high risk group for ‘tennis ball’ chest Breast enlargement on very slim women can leave a visible implant outline and in some cases, the edge of the implant ripples. This new method hides the top part of the implant so the potential problem of rippling is avoided and gives the cleavage a natural curve leading down to a fuller lower pole.


The two ways projection is improved in the split muscle technique: 1. When placed under the muscle as in a conventional sub pectoral augmentation, the implant can flatten and a great deal of ‘perkiness’ is lost; with the split muscle technique only the top part of the implant is covered by muscle leaving the bottom half full and rounded. 2. The weight of the muscle on the top half of the implant places pressure on the silicone gel in the lower half of the round implant, giving a very natural look with full projection.

Ouch factor

The split muscle technique is much less painful than complete sub-pectoral muscle placement as less volume has been unnaturally squeezed under the muscle.

Implant size

In traditional sub pectoral augmentation the whole implant is forced into a pocket made under the muscle so there is a limit to the extent of enlargement; in the split muscle technique only the top part of the implant is covered so there is no limit to implant size.

Does this procedure damage the muscle?

No, the muscle is not damaged and continues to work with the same strength and vigour as it did before the operation. Dr Kremer comments: “I have spent years researching the perfect breast enlargement technique and my split muscle approach is a blend of the best techniques. A large number of surgeons place great emphasis on anatomical or tear drop implants – I only use round implants as I think the anatomical implants are an unnecessary expense for the patient. They are a bit of a gimmick – if you hold a round implant vertical the gel will flow in the lower pole of the implant producing a teardrop shape anyway. My approach accentuates this shape making the lower pole even more pronounced resulting in beautiful, natural looking breasts with a great deal of projection. In my opinion there’s nothing worse than seeing a woman with obviously false breasts and that tell tale implant outline in their cleavage.”

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