TBT Facelift
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TBT Facelift

One plastic surgeon wins the battle against gravity: Turning Back Time with Dr Kremer’s T-B-T facelift – the natural way to look young Putting back what nature takes away as we age is the key to Dr Kremer’s ground breaking new facelift technique enjoyed by the rich and famous throughout Europe.

Dr Kremer: “In my opinion a great facelift is one which goes unnoticed by friends and family. I like my patients to look fantastic – rested and rejuvenated rather than looking ‘changed’ or different. I still pass women in the street who have obviously had facelifts; they all seem look the same with their unnaturally line free faces and bizarre stretched ‘Joker’ mouths. It is a great shame as such severe outcomes gives plastic surgery a bad name.”

Understanding what happens to the face during the ageing process is vital to a natural looking surgical outcome and this knowledge separates satisfactory results from the exceptional. Fat pockets in the face slip vertically pulled by gravity as we age and this, combined with skin losing its elasticity, results in the features we all recognize – drooping eyelids, deepening nose to mouth lines, jowls, undefined jawline and turkey necks…

Dr Kremer: “Very few of those choosing plastic surgery want to change their looks – the majority seeks to simply turn back the clock by removing around 10 years from their face. This is very achievable with my T-B-T facelift technique as I don’t removed sagging fat – I put it back where it came from!”

We all have fats pads under our skin which cover the bony prominences of the face, such as cheeks and eye sockets. As we age these fat pads slip south and can reduce in volume leaving skin sagging and lined, pulled down by gravity. The innovative T-B-T faceliftTM procedure redresses this problem by securing fat pads back in their original position and removing excess skin along the way, vertically rather than laterally to avoid the stretched mouth and unnatural appearance.

Dr Kremer: “Prior to surgery I always ask to see a photograph of my patients in their youth as it helps me visualise the extent of facial fat before ageing kicked in. This is very important in ensuring a natural result as in my mind there’s no benefit in changing the facial shape or features.”

Facelifts – current options:

“Conventional SMAS facelift This is still the preferred operation for the majority of surgeons and it involves pulling the facial fat to sides attaching it behind the earlobes with cutting away the excess fat and pulling the skin to the sides (laterally) before removing any excess.

Pros: A well established procedure giving predictable, line free results. Cons: Can leave the face looking stretched, sometimes widening the mouth. Fat losses are often replaced during the facelift with a fat transfer from another part of the body to boost facial volume.”

Short scar facelift

Another popular procedure that lifts the middle and lower face Pros: An effective lift for those with deepening nose to mouth lines and early jowls. Scar is hidden around the ear. Cons: Doesn’t address the problem of flattened cheek bones and, again skin is stretched laterally before the excess is removed.

T-B-T Facelift explained

By blending the best bits taken from conventional facelift surgery and adding his own perspective, Dr Kremer has developed the T-B-T facelift, guaranteed to turn back the clock, leaving you looking naturally refreshed and rejuvenated. Unlike conventional techniques, no fat is removed during this innovative procedure; rather it is collected and used to re-pad the cheeks restoring the fullness of youth. Skin and fat is pulled upwards rather than sideways, effectively reducing nose to mouth folds, smoothing the jawline and boosting flat cheeks, giving them a natural fullness.

Pros: A great lift for women and men of all ages. Scars are tiny and hidden in and around the ear. Instead of flattening the face it leaves the face full and youthful. Cons: Friends won’t realise you’ve had surgery!

What to expect with the T-B-T Facelift

Equally effective in men and women, the benefits of this surgery are immense and include a massive boost to self esteem. Pre-operatively: As with all plastic surgery, active smokers are not good candidates for this operation as this interferes with the healing process. Take Arnica tablets 2 weeks before the procedure to help reduce bruising.

Post operatively: The surgery takes 2.5 hours. Expect to have some facial bruising and swelling which settles within 10 days to 2 weeks. The scars are discreetly hidden behind and around the ear and fade to thin white lines over the course of a year.

*Disclaimer:The information provided on this site is for general informational purposes only, and does not replace the need for a consultation with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon before undergoing a surgical procedure. Results are not guaranteed and may vary according to health condition, weight, skin type, individual needs and other factors.