Nipple Correction

It’s important to a woman’s self-esteem to know that her breasts look good, so she can dress (and undress) with confidence!

No-one understands this better than ABSAMC . Lots of women feel unconfident about their breasts, specifically their nipples.

Some women have inverted nipples, which can impact on their confidence and even breast feeding; other women have enlarged nipples, which can be overly-projecting or appear droopy.

Both these problems can be remedied with surgery from ABSAMC, who will give you beautiful breasts that you can be proud of.

Right from your initial consultation, ABSAMC’s team of friendly staff will make you feel at home, answering your questions and putting you at ease. You can be confident in the knowledge that ABSAMC  Surgery Dubai is the UAE’s leading cosmetic surgery provider; not only do our surgeons use the latest techniques and technology, our comprehensive aftercare programme is also the best in the country, and at no extra cost – something that is unique to Us.
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Who will benefit from nipple correction surgery?
This procedure will benefit women who have nipples that are inverted or enlarged, either naturally or as a result of breast feeding. If you feel unconfident as a result of your breasts, then speak to the experts at ABSAMC  Surgery Dubai about corrective nipple surgery for enlarged or inverted nipples.

How is nipple correction surgery done?
Typical inverted nipple surgery usually involoves stitches being placed to hold the nipple in the correct position until it heals. Sometimes the milk ducts have to be cut to release the nipple, but not usually..

How long will nipple correction surgery take ?
A general anaesthetic is not always required for nipple correction surgery which can be done on an outpatient basis in some cases . however that will be determined by your American British Surgical & Medical Centre Surgeon at consultation. Find your local American British Surgical & Medical Centre and book a consultation here.

What results can I expect from nipple correction surgery?

Patients can expect nipples that are projected to the normal degree, and a proportionate size to complement their breasts perfectly.

How long is the recovery period from nipple correction surgery?

This will depend on the individual patient however most patients are able to go back to work after a couple of days. Although you can walk about and do very light activities from the next day it is advisable not to do anything strenuous for 7-10 days.

Are there any after effects to nipple correction surgery?

Aside from normal, post-surgery discomfort, you should not experience side effects from corrective nipple surgery. If anything abnormal is happening, you are encouraged to get in touch with the clinic as soon as possible so we can see if there is any problem is and, if so, put it right straight away. We offer a comprehensive and extensive post-operative care programme, which includes detailed post-operative instructions and follow-up appointments with your surgeon at  American British Surgical & Medical Centr eclinic to ensure a speedy recovery, all at no additional cost.

Are there risks associated with nipple correction surgery?

American British Surgical & Medical Centre  has performed more cosmetic surgery than any other provider in the UAE. As such, we are extremely experienced; there is no provider better placed to help you become more confident through cosmetic surgery. However, as with all operations, there are some risks associated with nipple correction.

Can I combine nipple correction surgery ?

Many patients combine nipple correction surgery with other breast surgery, such as breast enlargement, breast uplift or breast reduction to enhance the appearance of their breasts. Others combine nipple correction surgery with body sculpting surgery to rectify problems brought about since childbirth, such as a tummy tuck or liposuction to rid the body of stubborn fatty areas.

How do I arrange to have nipple correction surgery?

The first step towards undergoing nipple correction surgery is to book a consultation with a member of our friendly, expert team. At a consultation, you can expect to see a patient care coordinator, with whom you will have plenty of opportunities to ask any questions you may have about the procedure. The consultation will take around 40 minutes, during which time you will not be given the ‘hard sell’.

No pressure will be put on you to go through with the procedure, and you will not be forced to make a decision at the consultation. We understand that this is a big decision for you and we want you to be totally satisfied that it’s the right thing to do before committing to the procedure booking.

Our Surgeons

  • marc mani md Nipple Correction

    Dr Marc Mani

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Marc Mani is a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. An artist from a young age, Dr. Mani is renowned worldwide not only for his skill and experience in performing aesthetic procedures, but also for the many advances and innovations he has contributed in the areas of facelift surgery, breast surgery, and rhinoplasty.
    Named one of the country’s ten leading plastic surgeons in Forbes Magazine, Dr. Mani is also known as a pioneer in Johnson and Johnson, Inc.’s exciting Harmonic technology, which he uses in facelifts and other procedures for a dramatic reduction in bruising, swelling, and pain, and a quicker recovery.

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  • dr griffin od Nipple Correction

    Dr Anthony Griffin

    Plastic Surgeon

    Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Griffin. is considered one of the foremost authorities on plastic surgery for African Americans and ethnic skin types. Though his patients are of every type, he is a crusader to spread the word that minorities who have plastic surgery no longer need to copy traditional beauty ideals. “I want people to know they can enhance their natural beauty and still retain their ethnic identity,” Dr. Griffin said.

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  • dr njam od Nipple Correction

    Dr Najm

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Najm Khan, MBBS, FRCS, RCPS is a Senior Consultant in Plastic, Aesthetic, Reconstructive, Burns and Hand Surgery.He is a member of British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS), the General Medical Council United Kingdom (Reg.No. 3405110), International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS), International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Emirates Medical Association (EMA), GCC Association for Burn & Plastic Surgery, and the Pan Arab Association for Burn & Plastic Surgery.
    Moreover, Dr. Najm Khan holds the chair of Vice President of Plastic Surgery Society of the Emirates Medical Association.

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  • dr kremer od Nipple Correction

    Dr Dirk Kremer

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr Kremer is a famous plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He hails from Munich, Germany. Dr Kremer is a new age plastic surgeon. He has a passion for plastic surgery. Dr Dirk Kremer spent several years in United States of America. In Los Angeles, Californina and New York he worked alongside the best plastic surgeons of the world. His consultation method seamlessly blends professionalism with a relaxed tone. Passionate about plastic surgery, he believes that 30 per cent of a great surgical outcome relies on a surgeon’s artistic vision, whilst the other 70 per cent is a mixture of meticulous technique and expert knowledge.

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  • dr patel Nipple Correction

    Dr Patel

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr Patel’s love for beauty, science and creativity inspires his passion for the practice of plastic surgery. His step in consultation with you will be to visualize your intended result. Once you agree on aesthetic goals for the surgery, his planning, experience and skill will provide you the safe and effective procedure you deserve.

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