Opting for a plastic/cosmetic surgery is a big life transforming decision. Our experienced team always provides all the information about procedures, surgeons, recovery, results and precautions before you make a decision. On the other hand we always encouraged our patients to have a realistic approach and research and familiarize themselves with the procedure they are looking for and come up with their questions.
We are the premier cosmetic surgery center in Dubai. We have a team of top celebrity plastic surgeons who come all the way from Beverly Hills, United States to operate on our patients in Dubai.

Dr Kevin Brenner is one of our top Beverly hills celebrity surgeon, who visits and operates exclusively at American British Surgical & Medical Centre in Dubai. He was featured twice as Hollywood’s Top Surgeon by “The Hollywood Reporter”. A surgeon with extensive experience and is considered as expert in Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Face Lift, Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentations, gynecomastia, mommy makeovers, Botox, fillers and other breast, body and face procedures in Dubai and United States. You can read more about Dr Kevin Brenner and his practice in Dubai here.

Top 5 questions a patient should ask his cosmetic surgeon

We took the opportunity to ask him about the top five questions a patient should ask his cosmetic surgeon. He answers (article continues after image)

The first question a patient should ask his plastic or cosmetic surgeon is

1.Are you board certified in Plastic Surgery?

Getting certified by American board of plastic surgery is not easy, so not all surgeons are board certified in plastic surgery. If your surgeon is certified by American Board of plastic surgery, it means he is an ethical and responsible surgeon with extensive knowledge, experience to satisfy a patient and can achieve the results you are desiring and better.

2.What are the options available to me for my particular issue?

Many clinical problems that we face in plastic and cosmetic surgery may have more than one solution i-e there can be multiple solutions to solve your issue. Each plastic surgeon may have his different approach. You should ask your surgeon what are the other options for your problem apart from the one you are looking into. In some cases you may need a surgery, some issues can be resolved by minor surgery, some may be resolved by non invasive techniques.

3.What are the potential risks involved in the operation that I am seeking?

Plastic and cosmetic surgery is exciting, frequently elective and can lead to amazing results. However, it is real surgery and needs to be performed safely. You should ask your surgeon about outcomes, complications and risks.

4.What will the recovery period other things that I need to be aware of?

You should ask about the recovery period for you following your operation. What will be activity restrictions, pain control, other necessary medications and you should be aware of the down time. Most of the plastic surgery procedures are performed on in and out basis in a day surgery setting with minimum recovery period. It doesn’t mean that you will recover right away. Before your surgery, you should be aware of medications you will take, pain management and recovery period after the surgery.

If you are opting for a revision surgery, you should definitely ask

5.Do you regularly perform revision breast and nose surgery in your practice?

plastic surgeons in dubai
Revision surgeries are complex than primary surgeries. Not all plastic surgeons are comfortable performing, or routinely perform, revision surgery. You should ask before hand, if your surgeon is comfortable doing your revision procedure and will be able to achieve the results you desire.

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