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Dr. Brenner is a double board-certified plastic surgeon serving Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, with significant experience in the full scope of plastic surgery procedures and treatments. Having gained this abundant knowledge in the arena of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, he can address any and all areas of the face and body. Dr. Brenner has appeared regularly in the media as a top plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery and is highly sought after for his skills in breast revision surgery. If you are looking at getting the best breast augmentation Beverly Hills offers, consider Dr. Brenner as a well-qualified plastic surgeon to perform this procedure.

Top five questions one should ask a cosmetic surgeon – Dr Kevin Brenner

Opting for a plastic/cosmetic surgery is a big life transforming decision. Our experienced team always provides all the information about procedures, surgeons, recovery, results and precautions before you make a decision. On the other hand we always encouraged our patients to have a realistic approach and research and familiarize themselves with the procedure they are […]

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