Exclusive Cosmetic Surgery Procedures In Dubai

Volt Lift
DR Tim Neavin

While dermal fillers such as Juvederm®, Restylane®, and Radiesse® do a wonderful job to restore volume in areas where tissue was either lost or descended due to aging, they do not address the descent itself, or any skin laxity that may be contributing to the aged face. That is, they only address half to the problem. Thus, correcting only one component can only partially rejuvenate. Likewise, such a correction, because it is only addressing volume loss and not tissue descent or skin laxity, can impart “done” or artificial results since the descend tissue or laxity remains.

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DR Tim Neavin

Reface by Tim A new, natural, and better alternative to fillers and lasers.
ReFace Describes a combination of small,minimally invasive tricks to artistically rejuvenate, refine, and restore beauty. Combinations often include the use of fat, threads, stitches, or fillers to produce permanent results.
Because everyone’s face is different, each combination is tailored to enhance and restructure

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Diamond Facial Sculpting
Dr Jason Diamond

The Diamond Non-Surgical Facelift includes all the aesthetic components of the In-Office Facial Sculpting procedure with the addition of facial fillers and skin tightening treatments. It is ideal for those who wish to add more definition to their bone structure and also reverse the signs of aging. This procedure was initially created to meet the demands of Dr. Diamond’s international patients. With his frequent travels, he sought the ability to survey his patients from the beginning of the procedure to the final result.

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