Gynecomastia or male boob is the most common plastic surgery procedure in Dubai.
The word gynecomastia comes from the Greek words ‘gyne’ meaning woman and ‘mastia’ meaning breast, the more common term and certainly easier to pronounce is simply man b**bs. Amazingly a huge number (90%) of boys develop fatty tissue around the chest during puberty, in most cases the problem resolves with maturity. However for 10% of these boys the problem persists into adult hood.

  • The severity can vary from a slight fatty look around the chest, to an appearance more akin to a female chest. Naturally this can be very distressing for men and can often be a closely guarded secret, which can erode sexual confidence.
    Our surgeons at ABSAMC surgery Dubai have treated hundreds of men with this condition and successfully removed unwanted fatty tissue around the chest area creating a much improved and defined male chest shape.

    To talk to at ABSAMC surgery Dubai about how we can help to remove your unwanted chest fat and restore your chest shape call us or click here and arrange a consultation.

    Any man who has an abnormal amount of fatty tissue on their chest, and who is uncomfortable with it, is ideal for surgery
    A surgeon at ABSAMC surgery Dubai skilled in this technique will expertly remove the excess fat via a special suction device, literally hoovering the breasts away. In very severe cases some skin may need to be removed as well.

    Male Breasts Reduction at ABSAMC surgery Dubai takes between 30 mins and an hour dependent on the amount of tissue to be removed.

  • You are likely to go home that day or after a nights rest in the ABSAMC surgery Dubai hospital; you will be a little sore and bruised, but nothing some good pain killers can’t handle. The Bruising and any swelling disappears in the first 7- 10 days. At this point the first stage of healing is complete, and the initial results can be enjoyed. For severe cases, there are stitches to be removed, they will be taken after the 1st week.

    After six weeks the bandage is removed revealing a new masculine chest, the results look great at this stage and life as normal can proceed. However the true shape and form will settle after 6-9 months, it is only at this stage the true results can be assessed.

  • If you are fit and well there are relatively few risks associated with Gynecomastia, although all surgery and anaesthetic carries associated risk, they are best discussed with your surgeon. In the main, you could expect to sore, stiff swollen and bruised for a few days. Any other complications are very rare in this simple procedure, but can be discussed with one of or expert surgeons.
    To talk to us about how we can help to remove your unwanted chest fat and restore your chest shape call.

    *Disclaimer:The information provided on this site is for general informational purposes only, and does not replace the need for a consultation with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon before undergoing a surgical procedure. Results are not guaranteed and may vary according to health condition, weight, skin type, individual needs and other factors.

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