WHAT IS MIST(Minimally Invasive Stromal Transfer)

MIST (Minimally Invasive Stromal Transfer)TM A new, natural, and better alternative to fillers and lasers.
Dr Marc Mani separates out your own stem cells from fat and place them into the skin with three different methods for different depths of treatment. The results are better than any other laser or resurfacing technique because the stem cells make your skin more healthy from within while the other treatments like peels and lasers in excess thin out the skin over time. Dark circles, fine lines, acne and other scars are improved dramatically. Micro-fat transfer can be added so fillers are no longer needed. This is NOT regular fat transfer and is NOT PRP. Stem cells and stromal vascular fraction have been shown scientifically to build collagen and elastin, and to have long-term, effects unlike these other treatments.


  • No Fillers needed
  • Get rid of Dark circles
  • Fine lines
  • Get rid of acne and other scars
  • Micro-fat transfer can be added so fillers are no longer needed

Dr. Mani explains his exciting new MIST (Minimally Invasive Stromal Transfer) procedure which uses your own stem cells to restore youth and vitality to your skin – and volume if needed:



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