Reface by Tim A new, natural, and better alternative to fillers and lasers.
ReFace Describes a combination of small,minimally invasive tricks to artistically rejuvenate, refine, and restore beauty. Combinations often include the use of fat, threads, stitches, or fillers to produce permanent results.
Because everyone’s face is different, each combination is tailored to enhance and restructure the face by redistributing volume to create more balance.

Restoration of beauty must include repositioning of fat to redefine and rejuvenate. This is the essence of ReFace. With minimally invasive techniques using your own bodie’s regenerative stem cells and fat, ReFace by Dr. Neavin can create significant changes with very little downtime.


-Rejuvenate face
-Get volume on face
-Improve skin elasticity
-Enhance skin textures

Dr. Tim Neavin’s explains his exciting new Reface procedure

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