American British Surgical & Medical Centre in Dubai offers breasts procedures like breast augmentation, breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast uplift, breast implant removal, breast implant replacement at its Dubai Clinic with top Hollywood Surgeons.
If you want fuller breasts, want to get rid of that extra chest weight, not satisfied with your sagging breasts or want to correct your nipples, our surgeons can help you. We offer the following breast surgery treatments in our Dubai and London office.

Breast Augmentation

Breasts Augmentation

Breast augmentation, or breast enlargement, enhances the body contour of a woman who is unhappy with her small breast size. Other purposes of this
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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction


Large breasts can be a problem for many women. It can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. It can also make normal activities uncomfortable to perform
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breast uplift

Breast Uplift


The breasts will descend and become lower on the chest because of time, gravity and the changes associated with pregnancy. A breast lift, or “Mastopexy,
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Nipple Correction

Nipple Correction


It’s important to a woman’s self-esteem to know that her breasts look good, so she can dress (and undress) with confidence! No-one understands this better
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Split Muscle Breast Augmentation

Split Muscle Augmentation


In this groundbreaking technique, traditionally implants are either placed on top of the chest
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Implant Removal

Implant Removal & Replacement


If you have any issues with current implant, we can help you click the link below to know more about implant removal and replacement
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