Breast Enlargement Dubai

Breast Enlargement is the most common plastic surgery procedure in Dubai.
ABSAMC Dubai offers breast augmentation in Dubai with U.S Board Certified surgeons.
Breast enlargement, or breast augmentation, enhances the body contour of a woman who is unhappy with her small breast size. Other purposes of this procedure include:

-To correct a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy.
-To balance a difference in breast size.
-As a reconstructive technique following breast surgery.

What is Breast Enlargement?

Breast enlargement Dubai | Breast Augmentation is done on an outpatient basis in our surgical center, usually under general anesthesia. A breast implant (prosthesis) is placed through an incision, under the breast tissue or under the muscle. The incision can be made around the nipple, in the belly button, or under the arm. The outer surface may be smooth or textured, and implants come in various shapes to meet the individual woman’s needs.breast augmentation

When the implant is placed sub-muscularly under the breast, there is a lower chance of contracture (contraction of the tissue capsule surrounding the implant), and mammography is more reliable. There is also less risk of visible or palpable implant edges. However, in some cases, the implant has a more natural appearance when placed above the muscle, under the breast tissue. Our Surgeon can help you decide which placement and type of implant will work best.

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How is Breast Enlargement performed?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular and satisfying procedures in plastic surgery. It has undergone an evolution since its introduction thirty years ago.

The modern approach to breast enlargement Dubai, which is the technique we employ, is multidimensional and incorporates many different variables in attempting to create the ideal result. The main priority is the patient’s desires. This is determined only after a very thorough and detailed conversation about wishes for size, shape, and contours. The examination requires detailed analysis of the chest size, the amount of breast tissue present, the elasticity of the skin, and the three-dimensional appearance of the breast. By incorporating the patient’s wishes with the three-dimensional analysis, a range of sizes of implants can be chosen that will create the desired result. The final decision is made in the operating room by examining the size, shape, and slope of the breast implant from every angle. It is only after this meticulous process that the final result is achieved.

Breast augmentation can be performed through the nipple, the armpit, underneath the breast, or through the belly button. The implant can be placed under the muscle, above the muscle or in a “dual,” or double, plane. Implants can contain saline or silicone. Our preferred technique is insertion through the nipple or under the breast, with placement in a dual plane, using a silicone implant. The technique used will vary based on the individual and can only be determined after a full consultation.

Cost of Breast Enlargement in Dubai

The cost of Breast Enlargement varies from patient to patient. Different patients have different preferences, weight, height etc. After your consultation with our American Board Certified plastic surgeon, you will be informed about the cost of Breast Enlargement procedure, which is very reasonable compared to other plastic surgery clinics in Dubai. Breast augmentation cost includes Anesthesia fees, Hospital or surgical facility costs, Medical tests, Post-surgery garments, Prescriptions for medication, a board-certified plastic Surgeon’s fee.

Types of Breast Implants

The shape of your augmented breasts depends on the implant. Many choices are available in our Dubai offices and the choice depends on the look you want to achieve. Most of Our patients choose conservative sizes which result in a more natural appearance. Other factors such as partial submuscular placement influence this as well. Another factor to consider prior to surgery is breast width, which determines the amount of “cleavage” between your breasts and the outer curves, which you may want to balance with your hips.

Realistic expectations of this procedure are important. Women often think of breast size in terms of bra cup size. If you are currently a size “A” and wish to be a size “C”, there must be adequate existing breast tissue coverage; otherwise, you will be warned of visible or palpable implant edges and other possible risks.  The outer surface may be smooth or textured, and implants come in various shapes to meet the individual woman’s needs. We use Silicon Implants in the procedure.

As a medical device technology, there are five (5) generations of silicone breast implant, each defined by common model-manufacturing techniques. The modern prosthetic breast was invented in 1961, by the American plastic surgeons Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow, and manufactured by the Dow Corning Corporation; in due course, the first augmentation mammoplasty was performed in 1962. There are five generations of medical device technology for the breast implant models filled with silicone gel; each generation of breast prosthesis is defined by common model-manufacturing techniques.

Silicone gel-filled breast implants have a silicone outer shell that is filled with silicone gel. They come in different sizes and have either smooth or textured shell.

Silicone gel-filled breast implants are approved for breast enlargement Dubai | breast augmentation in women age 22 or older and for breast reconstruction in women of any age. They are also used in revision surgeries, which correct or improve the result of an original surgery.

Recovery Time After Breast Enlargement

You must have someone drive you home and stay with you for 24 hours after breast augmentation surgery. You will experience some pain the first day or two that is easily controlled with pain pills. Some tightness in the breast area is also normal as your body adjusts to the implants.

You can move about freely after surgery. Wear a bra at all times (except when showering) during the first 2 weeks following surgery. Avoid heavy lifting for 2-3 weeks. Moderate exercise such as walking or stationary biking is allowed after the first week. Vigorous exercise such as jogging or aerobics may be resumed at 3-4 weeks. You will most likely be able to return to work within a few days, but you will need to avoid any strenuous activity for at least a couple of weeks.

During recovery, the breasts will be somewhat swollen. Within a few weeks, the actual shape and size will be evident. You may notice some asymmetry; however, most breasts are naturally somewhat asymmetrical.

Breast Enlargement Precautions & Safety

Delayed wound healing may occur in persons with diabetes, history of radiation, autoimmune disease or smokers. Other complications include capsular contracture, bleeding, infection, or irregularity of the skin. It is important to have a thorough medical evaluation beforehand to address these potential risks. You also need to know that even a small hole in an implant can cause the saline to leak out, resulting in a “flat” implant and necessitating surgical replacement. This is completely avoidable, however, by taking proper precautions.

About silicone gel implants: The FDA placed a hold on silicone implants in 1992 to further investigate their safety and effectiveness. They have since been replaced by saline (salt water) implants. There has been much discussion about the possibility of silicone and in particular silicone gel, being related to autoimmune disease. However, a large review of multiple studies done by the National Institutes of Health’s Institute of Medicine showed that autoimmune disease occurred with the same frequency in both groups. The cause of autoimmune diseases is unknown, but there does not seem to be a relation to silicone gel breast implants.

We are able to use silicone gel breast implants in certain cases. If it is a possibility, we will discuss that option with you at the time of your consultation.


Breast Augmentation /mammaplasty is a safe procedure that has produced pleasing and satisfying results for many women. Those who are psychologically stable and have realistic expectations benefit the most. A preliminary consultation can help you determine whether breast augmentation is right for you

*Disclaimer:The information provided on this site is for general informational purposes only, and does not replace the need for a consultation with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon before undergoing a surgical procedure. Results are not guaranteed and may vary according to health condition, weight, skin type, individual needs and other factors.
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