Neavin’s Volt Lift

Volumetric Thread Lift™ By Tim Neavin, MD
While dermal fillers such as Juvederm®, Restylane®, and Radiesse® do a wonderful job to restore volume in areas where tissue was either lost or descended due to aging, they do not address the descent itself, or any skin laxity that may be contributing to the aged face. That is, they only address half to the problem. Thus, correcting only one component can only partially rejuvenate. Likewise, such a correction, because it is only addressing volume loss and not tissue descent or skin laxity, can impart “done” or artificial results since the descend tissue or laxity remains.

With the addition of subdermal threads in conjunction with dermal fillers, tissue can be suspended to augment the volume addition, to restore a more natural looking harmony to the face.

Dr. Neavin has developed a technique with VolT lifting to restore a more natural look with common hyaluronic acid fillers and calcium hydroxlapetite (Radiesse®) along with barbed subderrmal threading to improve the:

Mid Face
Corner of the Mouth
The duration of the results will depend on the product(s) used and area of treatment. In some cases, semi-permanent results can be expected as the body produces new collagen while threads dissolve or fillers incorporate.

VolT Lifting™ is indicated for mild skin laxity and tissue descent. In men and women with significant bowling, skin laxity, or tissue descent, a face lift with fat grafting may be the most effective option.

With combination threading and dermal fillers, there is little to no downtime. VolT Lifting™ can safely be performed in the office with local anesthesia.

Mild jowling and malar descent, along with nasal tip ptosis and mid face volume loss are candidates for VolT Lifting (TM)

Traditional volume enhancement focuses on camouflaging tissue descent. VolT Lifting reduces this requirement by achieving suspension of the skin.

Areas that can be suspended include the jowl, mid face, corner of the mouth, and nose.

With the addition of volume to fill concavities from volume loss and suspension of skin with subdermal threads, mild deformities can more effectively be corrected with no additional added downtime.

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