Causes of Obesity

Obesity is a condition where there is excess body weight due to an abnormal accumulation of fat. Defined objectively as a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more, obesity is associated with markedly increased health risks. Obesity means having too much body fat. It is being too overweight and it is unhealthy. Some define it as being 20 percent over the ideal body weight for their stature. Obesity leads to cardiac problems, diabetes and other health related issues. There is an impact on life expectancy also.  High Obesity rates also cause problems for governments as they have to spend a lot of money in providing advanced health care facilities.

  • An obese person lose self-esteem, is always disturbed, has nutritional disorders as he is not able to move freely and can’t easily maintain exercise schedule.

    Obesity is a common problem in gulf countries. Due to weather, food and other conditions more than 62% of UAE residents are obese(including children & adults) and its increasing and it is expected that by end of 2015, there may be 2.3 Billion over weight and 700 obese in UAE.

    Following is a height to obesity point chart

    Height                                                                          Obesity Point
    Ft/inches Pounds














    143 pounds148 pounds

    153 pounds

    159 pounds

    164 pounds

    169 pounds

    175 pounds

    180 pounds

    186 pounds

    191 pounds

    197 pounds

    203 pounds

    209 pounds

    215 pounds

    221 pounds

  • 1. High Temperatures: All the gulf countries are having hot temperatures which limits the outdoor activities. People sit in front of TV, read books, browse internet etc. for entertainment as its too hot outside. Sitting is a major cause of obesity.

    2. Junk Food

    3. Clothing: In most Arab countries, people wear abayas and other loose dresses, so they are unaware of increasing fat, their tummies etc. and it keeps on growing. A fat tummy is more visible in tight jeans and shirt. Tight clothes warn you about your obesity.

    4. Status Symbol: Don’t fall in the trap. Fat tummies or obesity doesn’t symbolize your wealth. For us it shows lack of interest towards your health, laziness and escaping work outs.

    5. Fasting: Most of the Gulf Countries are Muslim. In the fasting season they fast the whole day and in evening. They eat so much and so roughly that their whole fastening is a waste.

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